Jobar 6 Decks Automatic Card Shuffler Review

Attention all card sharks! Are you tired of getting carpal tunnel from shuffling your cards? Do your friends refuse to play with you because you’re “that guy” who can’t shuffle? Fear not! The Jobar 6 Decks Automatic Card Shuffler has got you covered.

Hey there! So, I recently got my hands on the Jobar 6 Deck Card Shuffler. Gotta say it’s pretty cool. We’re big on card games at my place, and shuffling a ton of decks was always a pain. Enter this bad boy – it can shuffle up to six decks at once!

Jobar 6 Decks Automatic Card Shuffler

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  • Automatically Shuffle up to 6 Decks

  • Easy to Use

  • Battery Operated


  1. The Jobar card shuffler is pretty sleek looking and doesn’t take up much space on your poker table. It runs on batteries, which is great because I can move it around easily. The shuffle is really good. We’ve used it for blackjack nights and those long canasta marathons, and it shuffles the cards just right – no weird clumps or anything. Plus, it’s fair play. No one can accuse you of stacking the deck.
  2. It can be a bit loud, so if you’re playing in a library or a church (hey, I don’t judge your game locations), it might not be the best option. But if you’re playing in a rowdy bar or a college dorm, it’s perfect.
  3. The Jobar automatic shuffler requires four C batteries, so ensure you have some on hand. And if you’re worried about the battery life, don’t be – the shuffler has an automatic shutoff feature to save power.
  4. Kids are fascinated by it and always want to press the button and watch the cards shuffle themselves. It’s like a mini magic show!
  5. It’s pretty sturdy, but my tip? Don’t jam it full. I tried that once with six decks, and it got a bit stuck. Works best with like four or five decks.


  • Shuffling Capacity: Handles not 1, not 2, but up to 6 decks! Shuffle with style, whether it’s Poker, Rummy, or an epic Blackjack night.
  • Operation: Just a fingertip away from shuffling magic. Tap, relax, and watch the cards mix like a pro.
  • Power Source: 4 C batteries to keep the party rolling. No cords, no hassle – just pure shuffling prowess. (Batteries not included, so stock up!)
  • Intended Use: Whether it’s Canasta’s cunning or Pinochle’s pace, this shuffler’s got your back. Perfect for any card game under the sun.


  • High Capacity

    It can shuffle up to six decks of cards, which is ideal for games requiring multiple decks.

  • Ease of Use

    The shuffler is designed to be user-friendly, usually with a simple push-button operation.

  • Time-Saving

    It significantly reduces the time needed to shuffle multiple decks, making game setup faster.

  • Uniform Shuffling

    Provide a more consistent and random shuffle than manual shuffling, which is crucial for fairness in games.

  • Accessibility

    It’s particularly helpful for individuals with hand mobility issues or conditions like arthritis.


  • Battery Dependence

    If it’s battery-operated, you’ll need to keep spare batteries on hand or frequently replace them.

  • Noise Level

    While designed to be reasonably quiet, some users may still find the mechanical noise during shuffling a bit intrusive.

  • Batteries Not Included

    it’s important to note that the batteries needed for operation are not included with the shuffler.

Remember, the experience with the Jobar 6 Deck Card Shuffler can vary based on individual use and expectations. Regular maintenance and proper care can help mitigate some of the downsides.

Last update on 2024-07-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Verdict

The most entertaining aspect of the Jobar is the delightfully chaotic shuffle it creates. You’re in for a surprise every time, which definitely spices up your game with a good dose of unpredictability. It’s like playing with a wild card, except it’s every card. Thanks to this shuffler, my friends and I have had some epic game nights.

The Jobar card shuffling machine is easy to use, adds some randomness to your game, and saves you from the pain of shuffling by hand. Plus, it’s affordable and small enough to store easily. Trust me, your game night will be so much more fun with this thing around. So add it to your game night arsenal and get ready for some serious shuffling fun. Your wrists will thank you. In short, if you play cards a lot, this thing’s a lifesaver. Makes game nights smoother and, honestly, just more fun. I’m pretty happy with it.

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