Manual Card Shuffling Machine 2-Deck

Are you looking for a Card Shuffling Machine? Only a few ones can compete with the Classic Game Collection hand-crank manual card shuffler. It embodies quality in every way, from design to functioning.

It’s simple to use and can shuffle up to two decks of cards. You simply place the cards in the machine and turn the crank to get freshly shuffled cards. The shuffler can hold various sizes of cards, including bridge and poker cards. Two cranks come with the shuffler, one in a plastic bag and a spare one underneath.

Card Shuffler Machine

Product Name: Hand Crank Card Shuffling Machine

Product Description: With this Classic Game Collection Manual Card Shuffling Machine, you can ensure a properly shuffled deck every time. It works with any standard-sized deck of cards and looks great on a gaming table. The original two-deck card hand crank shuffler may hold one or two decks at once.

Brand: Classic Game Collection

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  • Easy to operate
  • Up to 2 deck
  • Take all card sizes
  • Manual crank
  • Attractive design
  • Value for money
  • Giftable

Hand Crank Card Shuffler

This is definitely your best option if you need a simple and cost-effective card shuffling machine that works anywhere. If you want a hand-operated manual hand crank card shuffler that isn’t dependant on batteries and is efficient, don’t hesitate!


  • Brand: Classic Game Collection
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Manual: Hand-crank operated
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.5 x 5 inches



  • Low noise level
  • Works with almost all kinds of cards
  • Hand-crank
  • Spare crank
  • Portable design
  • Affordable


  • Only shuffles two deck
  • Rarely, the little white wheels get slick and don’t grab the cards, you just have to clean them with alcohol

This card shuffling machine is unbeatable!

Compared to automatic car shufflers, it’s quiet and shuffles cards swiftly and efficiently almost every time. It is a fantastic tool for folks who need assistance shuffling playing cards. This hand crank manual shuffler appeals to me since it eliminates the need for batteries. It isn’t particularly noisy. It produces a gentle humming sound when you spin the handle to shuffle the decks, but that’s it.

The two-deck classic manual card shuffling machine can mix up either one or two decks at a time, making it easier to get back in the game in no time. The unit takes two stacks of cards and shuffles them, helping to save time and eliminate the potential issues that come with hand shuffling. Once the cards have run through it, they are available in a clear pull-out drawer at the bottom.

Card Shuffling Machine 2-Deck
1,494 Reviews
Card Shuffling Machine 2-Deck
  • 2 deck manual card shuffler
  • For bridge or poker sized decks
  • Playing cards not included
  • English (Publication Language)

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See it in action!

Use this Manual Card Shuffler for family game nights.

This handy machine is quick, easy to use, and operates by a simple turn crank handle. It makes a good choice for individuals who have difficulty shuffling cards or prefer professional shuffling.

I noticed that my guests really enjoy using my card shuffling machine, and some of them shuffle longer than others because it is so much fun! In addition, the cards get mixed so well there is no need to cut the deck. I use mine frequently and never had a problem getting a good mix. It works excellent for poker tournaments, matching games, and much more.

Want it in red? Check out the CHH hand crank manual shuffler.

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