The Best Automatic Card Shuffler

Never get into another fight with a card player again. Card shuffling machines will end lengthy arguments on whether the cards are well mixed up. At you look through all the options on the market so that you can easily find the best card shuffler.

Here you can read our in-depth reviews of some of the best automatic card shufflers.


An electric shuffling machine will randomly shuffle packs of playing cards. The best electric card shuffler available today makes it simpler and faster to shuffle the cards.

Are you looking for the best automatic card shuffler?


If you are still working on mastering your shuffling skills, have arthritis, or simply want to speed up your casino games at home, then a card shuffler is for you!

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Playing card games with friends or family members is one of the most entertaining pastimes.

Nowadays, many next-door neighbors get together for a game of Bridge or Poker. Therefore, playing cards have become part of our lives.

During a long card game, shuffling becomes tedious, and most of the time, the cards are not shuffled thoroughly. Additionally, manually shuffling the cards increase stress on the fingers and wrist and can cause pain if done for too long.

If you are looking for a comfortable way to mix up the playing cards, an automatic card shuffler might be what you need. It also makes playing cards more fun and further eliminates the risk of card manipulation.

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If you play cards frequently, you want to make sure that your deck of cards is shuffled thoroughly.

The best way of shuffling is the riffle shuffle, where you split the deck into two, and interleave the two packets.
Theoretically, obtaining a deck of cards correctly randomized requires seven riffle shuffles, which can be time-consuming and not so gentle on the hands.
When opting to use an electric card shuffler, the players will spend less time shuffling and more time gaming.
There is an automatic card shuffler for any budget. You will find manual and electric models that can shuffle from 1 to 8 decks of cards simultaneously.

It is important to note that some consumers are complaining about the fact that most shufflers are made of plastic. There are also some reports about jamming and durability issues. But it seems that if used carefully, they can have a fair life expectancy.

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You will find reviews for two types of automatic card shufflers:

  • Manual card shufflers: Shuffling occurs when you manually rotate a hand crank.
  • Electric card shufflers: They can be battery-operated, they usually take AA or C batteries. Some will run with an AC adapter.

I hope this guide and reviews will help you pick the best automatic card shuffler.