10 Best Auto Card Shufflers

The Best Auto Card Shufflers offer a number of benefits that can help you enhance your game. Whether you’ve been playing cards in competitions or just for fun with your pals, they will make shuffling the cards easier and faster.

We’ve hand-picked the best card shufflers available today, all of which are guaranteed to work efficiently and last a long time. This is why, in our evaluation, we considered many variables, such as the type of shuffler, the dimensions, and the number of decks, so you can easily select the finest one for your playing style.

10 Best Card Shufflers of 2021

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When using the automatic card shuffler, you can avoid the time and effort of shuffling and get right to playing your hand. You can thoroughly shuffle one or two card decks in seconds with the Automatic Card Shuffler. Spend less time shuffling and more time playing!

If you enjoy playing card games but have problems shuffling or require assistance, there are a few good options. The price difference between low-cost automatic card shufflers and casino-grade devices is considerable. Nonetheless, a few great models are available at a cheap enough price point to suit most budgets.

Things to look at before buying the best auto card shufflers.

Automatic card shufflers speed up play in a card game, be it at a casino or home. Therefore, they’re handy if one or more players in a game aren’t very good at shuffling cards. There are two types of card shufflers available today: manual (hand crank shufflers) and electric (battery or main power outlet).

Types of automatic card shufflers

There are two choices to pick from. You may either get a card shuffler that cranks by hand or one that operates on batteries or electricity. Each variety has commonalities, as well as distinct advantages and disadvantages. While the variations are usually minor, they are worth mentioning. Let’s go through each type separately.

Manual Card Shufflers

The concept is simple, and figuring out how it works should be commonsense. You place the deck of cards in the shuffler and start cranking.  Use the handle with caution. It can break if you turn it too quickly or aggressively. Fortunately, most manufacturers provide two handles in the box.


  • Much quieter than electric ones
  • Maintenance-free
  • No batteries to change
  • Usually more compact
  • Lightweight


  • Not totally automatic
  • You must still crank
  • Shuffle up to 2 decks
  • A bit more challenging to operate
  • Shuffling is slower

Battery Operated Auto Card Shufflers

C batteries are frequently used in a battery-powered electric card shuffler. To begin the shuffling process, push a button. Although an automatic shuffler is quicker to use, it is more prone to jamming than a manual card shuffler.


  • Fast shuffling
  • Can handle up to six decks
  • Automatic device
  • Takes standard card type
  • Affordable


  • Not totally automatic
  • Can be loud
  • Uses C type batteries
  • Jamming can occur
  • Wheels may need adjustment

Card Shuffler with AC Adapter

AC power is used in some high-end card shufflers. They include a 100~240V universal adaptor. You never have to stop playing because the shuffler has run out of juice. There’s no need to be concerned about the batteries running out.


  • No need for batteries
  • Easy to use
  • Faster shuffling
  • Durable


  • Needs a mains outlet
  • Quite bulky
  • Can be expensive
  • Standard card type

Manual card shuffler recommendation.

Kangaroo Hand-Crank Card Shuffler

The Kangaroo hand-crank model is by far my favorite card shuffler on the market at this price point. It is quiet and easy to use and you can shuffle up to 2 decks of cards. You might want to go ahead and skip the rest of the reviews and just get this one.

Best auto card shufflers recommendation.

Pro Shuffle Automatic Card Shuffler

Pro Shuffle 1 to 6 Deck Automatic Card shuffler with 2 Decks of Bicycle Cards
169 Reviews
Pro Shuffle 1 to 6 Deck Automatic Card shuffler with 2 Decks of Bicycle Cards
  • Sorry Won't shuffle UNO, 5 Crowns, Skip Bo or bridge size cards.
  • Must Shuffle the cards Face Up
  • Great for Hand and Foot, Canasta, Poker Blackjack etc..
  • 2 Decks of Bicycle brand cards included.
  • Built to last and saves money on batteries

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My best pick for an electric auto card shuffler for up to six decks of cards is the Pro Shuffle automatic card shuffler, which is simple to use and completely automates the shuffling process. It is one of the best auto card shufflers. It is the only 1 to 6 deck shuffler available in its class that can be plugged into an outlet. Therefore, you save money on battery purchases, which can pay for the unit over time. You can use this card shuffler with batteries too, which is convenient when traveling or playing outside. Read the full review of the Pro Shuffle Automatic Card shuffler.


If you want the game night to run well without jams or card compatibility issues, you’ll need to choose between the best automatic card shufflers.
Whatever card shuffler you choose, make sure you read carefully all of the specifications to see whether it’s a good fit for you.

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